Friday, July 1, 2011

Perspective, not information informs choices: Stringing Pearls

"Your word is a lamp to my feet, a light to my path."  Psalm 119:105

I had an opportunity last week, a chance to jump into a new, exciting and compensated challenge. 

I passed.  A decision from which I have complete peace.  I think it was the wise decision. 

However, there was residual disappointment as hubby J.R. thinks I missed a chance to stretch and contribute to something wonderful.  He may be right, but (there is always a but) not exclusively.

I choose the word wise because there is more than one good option.   While passing up this chance to work, I risk not getting another chance for a while, and right now I want to work.  However, in passing up this chance I leave open an option for work that fits my skills set, my ambition and my family schedule more effectively. 

Of course scripture did not point the the right answer--it's not a Ouija board or Magic 8 ball.  So how to "use" scripture to guide my path?

Well, in seriously leaning toward embracing the change, I fell back on the Biblical truth "go, be bold, fear not, and trust."  All principles of faithful living. 

What stopped me?  "Wait, giftedness, wisdom, family and prudence."   Second set spoke louder than first group of truths.  Both are true, and regardless of circumstances I am blessed, forgiven, don't change that. J.R. thinks that jobs are about working hard and earning money, he has logic and pragmatism a plenty.

The practical application of what I know/learn through study and pray and worship is that wisdom is not making a decision and putting God's seal of approval on it, but instead humbly trusting that in whatever I do, I am serving God, and to love others.  Period.

Did I make the right non-move?  Perhaps.  Maybe not. 

Did I make a thoughtful non-move that was consistent with what I know to be true?  Yes.

From the perspective of a person of faith, good does not equal wise.  In this situation, a good job was not a wise fit right now, and I press on to today's circumstances and opportunity, grateful for what I learned and where and when I may go next.


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