Thursday, April 29, 2010

A humble start at connecting

A humble start at connecting in a relevant way.

Connections, the ties that bind.  Technology affords us connections to strangers, we are oddly close to people we really don't know, but know something about them.  Does this inform us?  Are we better for it?  Can we dodge real people to satisfy curiosity and engagement in a way that does not cost anything?

I love e-mail, it is efficient and easy to control.  Phone conversations seem to interrupt my rhythm.  Routinely, conversations happen in the car and I cut them off--checking in and checking off the metal list.

Yet, I remember looking forward to calls with my husband, my girlfriends.  It was a pleasant experience, and the efficiency of it never occurred to  me.

Communication has the potential to instruct and inspire, but it can also be not worth much.  How can we add value to our communication?   In what ways can we through impersonal mediums inspire and infuse with emotion and joy, sorrow and importance?

I find myself reading between the lines of posts, because I am left with assumptions.  So much is hidden.

Honestly, I hope this blog does grow into a faithful note of grace.

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