Friday, August 6, 2010

Seven: In Front of Me

Seven, One of God's good numbers.  Seven is a Biblical complete number--it represents the whole.

I am going to marry two completely conclusions from different teachers, each of which were outlined in seven thoughts/ideas.  I think odd couples are interesting.

First, from a writer's blog, the seven universal literary plot lines, which I thought of as seven types of story, seven life directions. 

Also, the principles from The Seven Deadly Sins of Small Group Ministry a leadership and ministry tool published by Willow Creek Church. 
1/Plot Line:  Quest  
1/7 Sin Of Ministry:  Unclear Objectives.

The quest on the table is to communicate and execute ministry that grows, to encourage and equip people to experience and share a confident faith.

What happens when the sin of unclear objectives partners with the quest?
  • no agreement on purpose (opinions, not objectives, overwhelm the focus)
  • progress (change) is blocked
  • relationships break down (ego, emotion)
  • expect too much attention from staff (people want applause, affirmation--more ego)
  • people don't know role in church strategy (see work too narrowly). 
Takeaway:  don't get lost.  In working toward (questing) a ministry goal, sharp focus is essential.  What am I doing, and why?  What do I need to get it done?  What do I think/hope it looks like?   Who and what help do I need?  How can I help another?   Quest needs clarity for a whole.

Next odd couple:  2/7 Voyage & Return and Lack of Leadership

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