Monday, March 7, 2011

You Can't Take That, It's Really Important To Me. Really It Is.

I was watching Clean House last night (much more fun than actually cleaning my house).  Hubby JR glances over and says, "I wonder if God thinks we are hoarders?"

"Us?  Why no honey, I am almost gifted in the area of the household purge." 

He smiled, and reached for more clarity.  "You are sitting there rooting for this poor woman to let go of possessions that really have no value so she can free herself from them and take on something much better, much more healthy.  God looks at us the same way--clinging to the tacky, worthless, dirty thing, claiming that we can't let it go, its too important.  We are just like these people, from God's view."

A good Monday thought from my favorite insurance claims manager.

It's Lent--my church/family does not formally embrace the tradition of giving things up for Lent, instead encourages a more intentional, intense focus on study, prayer and devotion during this powerful season.  But I think both actions go hand in hand.  Give up my hold on what really does not have value--stop clinging to the worthless and then use the new found freedom to embrace truth, grace, sacrifice, mercy and love. 

So first question before this Ash Wednesday:  what dated, dusty, misplaced items are cluttering my heart and mind am I clinging to because I think they have some value when in fact they are just crowding out space for really great (abundant life) things God is wanting to hand to me?

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