Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What Will I Give Up for What's Behind Door #2?

I was writing away at my desk, in my bedroom and the phone rings. A friend wanted a recommendation of a Christian author for a Christmas gift.

As the conversation wandered she shared a story about a woman in New York who spent a year looking for the key to happiness and how thorough her research was for this project.

My friend then commented, “she is not just some woman sitting in her bedroom writing a blog.” No kidding. Ouch. I actually laughed because the irony was too sweet.

What I was writing, in my bedroom:

In sorting through notes, as I am in between studies and cleaning up, I found this summary of recent research on greed published in the NIV Application Commentary (Luke).

• Respondents said for 10 million dollars:
o 25% would leave their family
o 25% would leave their church
o 23% would become a prostitute for a week
o 16% would give up American citizenship
o 16% would leave their spouse
o 13% would put their children up for adoption.
Now, if you think through these hypothetical stats you see some contradictions (abandon family vs. leave spouse, are they not the same?) Also, some seem low—I think more than 25% would leave their church for 10 million dollars. However, letting go of those issues, it points to a personal and probing question:

At what price will I sell out my integrity? For what reward will I cave morally?

• If I am paid in comfort (no interruptions, no rejection, no risk)

• If I am paid in recognition (look at me)

• If I am paid in self satisfaction (it is all about me)

Whatever the compensation—what price turns my head away from what I should do to what I am willing to give up for something immoral, but desirable.

What is the tipping point that creates a change in direction—where greed wins?


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