Monday, January 9, 2012

Getting to Church: Grace Needed!

Church:  by the time we actually get there, we really need to be there!


What is it about getting to church that creates such atmospheric disturbance? 

First, there is the logistics of all of us arriving at one place, at one time with teeth brushed.  While we are up earlier during the week, our departure is staggered, which helps, I think.  

There is also the tension of who wants to linger and when--the girls tend to linger in the bathroom getting ready for church.  I tend to linger at church visiting and catching up with my friends when the service or event is over and there is a chorus of sighs or hubby JR hand on the small of my back nudging me.  It's mutually annoying. 

But,  there is still the odd reality that why does attending one of our favorite places bring out the crabby?  We don't snarl on our way to grab a fro yo or pizza?  We don't sigh and nudge as we pack up to leave a movie or game?  

Some have suggested this universal tension is the devil's handy work.  I think instead it's more our approach. 

Do we over commit to church programs?  Sometimes.  In church world most everything is good, so how we determine what is wise needs to move beyond whether or not it's good. 

Do we try too hard to present ourselves as pleasant, happy and put together at church that we are exhausted by the the time we get there in trying to achieve a state of false put together?  Possible. 

Do we forget where we are going and why we are going?  Yes--it's not that we don't know why we love church or why it's important, its that we forget to remind ourselves of those basic things.

I really don't have an action plan or dedication to some new intentional direction, it just amuses me that more often than not, the process of getting to church creates a need to be there!  Maybe this is all God's sense of humor, inrony and humilty.

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