Friday, May 7, 2010

Clutter's New Home

"If you have clutter, you are richer than you think.  Look at uncluttered as an opportunity to share your abundance, the stuff you don't need, with people who could really use it."  One Minute Organizer

As I consider the clutter on my desk, rich is not what comes to mind.  Yet, I have piles, extra, unused stuff that is not trash, but not relevant or functions in my daily tasks.

Looking at things, would they better belong to others?  Is giving a gift?   What am I holding that serves more purpose in the hands of another.   Time to release myself from babysitting stuff I don't need and find a happy home.  Logging off to reassign my clutter to new homes.

Do you find comfort in clutter?  Do you hate clutter and not know where to start?

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  1. I hadn't thought of clutter as an indicator of personal wealth, but there it is. But to me, it's wealth wasted. If I leave my "stuff" around, cluttering all surfaces (you should see MY desk), then how valuable is it to me? Or is it just more stuff? Thoughts like these drive me to dragging a big bag around my house, filling it up with my mismanaged wealth, and taking it to Goodwill.



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