Friday, June 25, 2010

A Girl's Guide Does Tell the Truth

A Girl's Guide to Life by Katie Meier covers both challenges and opportunities girls face in a relevant, readable way. Meier divides effectively the book into three sections: Mind, Bond and Soul. Her writing style works for teens. As an adult and mother of two daughters, at times I thought the author's tone was flippant and then reminded myself that both my girls would appreciate and relate to dialog Meier sets up with the reader.

It combines wise advice with creative encouragement for young women to consider the next best steps. She does an excellent job of speaking into their hearts, heads--anticipating their questions and answering those in a relevant way.

It's personal, but just to establish a relational connection--it's not her story but touches on experiences that cover most teenage girls.

Meier frankly addresses hard hitting issues of rape, abuse and date rape. She discusses eating disorders and peer pressure directly. However, she also does a good job of talking about what girls dream about, what they care about how they feel and things like texting and fashion.

A Girl's Guide is written by a Christian for Christian girls, but it does not include faith-based instruction: no chapter on prayer or worship or youth group--it could absolutely benefit a young woman who is not a Christian.

My only negative is the title, it sounds too much like the American Girl guide series and this work is for older tweens (at least 12) and young teens. Two problems, my teen daughter was turned off by title, thinking it was for middle school age kids and if a younger tween actually read this I don't think it would harm them but it introduce realities that are not on their radar yet. The subtitle: the truth on growing up--is stronger. It is a truth telling, encouraging helpful book.

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