Thursday, February 10, 2011

Why No Blogs? A Famous Blogger Stopped By and so I Stopped

My writing absense excuse--its not my fault, it's Jon's.

Yep, that familar line reads just as lame as it sounds coming from my darling resident teens. 

Rule one of blogging--blog regularly.  More writing will lead to better writing, but most of all it's considerate.  Having readers check in routinely and find nothing new is annoying.  Annoying is not helpful or funny.  If one is going to be annoying, one should be cute too, like a puppy and I am not cute.  So my apologies to you for my hiatus.  Now why I tried to throw Jon Acuff under my procrastination bus...

Jon Acuff, a blogging super star, checked into my blog and e-mailed me his thoughts as an evaluation (he is not one of my three regulars, but perhaps that will change).  He was kind, encouraging and offered some suggestions.  One of them was lists.  I like lists, so here is a list of planned blogs entries, then the story behind his review.

Upcoming Topics
  • --friend of a friend's adultery, my response
  • --silly American prayers
  • --why my denomination makes me sad and mad and a tiny, tiny, wee bit glad--but more sad/mad
  • --sound theology, its like breakfast--really important to good health, energy
  • --why is unforgiveness so attractive
  • --major in the minors (weekly entry)
  • --pearls--what friends taught me (regular entry, depending on the wisdom dispensed and my ability to listen/remember)
  • --faith on the front lines:  when faith and family thrive and nosedive (regular entry)
  • --book reviews (new Shelia Walsh and new Jon Acuff on deck)

Back to Jon Acuff (writer of Stuff Christians Like--a must read, along with Faith & Grace Notes and The Bible).  It startled me to get his e-mail with my blog review.  It was like Throw Down with Bobby Flay only minus the Throw Down part and the Bobby part and the TV camera part and the food part.

However, it was totally unexpected.  I was e-mailing thanks (also not the most considerate means of communicaiton) some Mom committee volunteers, when presto a famous person's note popped up in my inbox. 

I responded like a bozo at first, sorta nervous and excited and well--WOW and then oh no, he actuallly read my blog.  Yikes.  Which was great in that I did not dress up my blog to try and impress.  I did not speak in soothing tones trying to sound smart.  He saw the real thing and so his help was really helpful.  Still, it was weird to have someone,  who is considered one of the best bloggers in America,  swing by my little site.

If you are wondering why would blogger big man visit--it was part of a reader response on SCL tied into his new book (Gazelles, Baby Steps...).   I didn't know he would "select" me, and I had forgotten about responding to his idea and book promotion in December.

The experience took me back to one of the first Bible study groups I was part of, where we shared what we would really be like if Jesus in person came to our home as a guest for awhile.  What would we pretend to be like, and why fake it?  Who are we kidding?  It's a funny thing to imagine--what you would wear, the manners you would try and achieve, the food you would serve:  I would do something ridiculous like try and serve Kosher, or I would serve pork and then apologize or pretend to be vegan or just drink water, unless he turned into wine...get the picture.  Imagine it and laugh at yourself, or just laugh at me--

This leads to another blog entry that is not on the list, but will be soon--isolation that comes from pretending.

More, soon--very soon.


  1. I'm visiting your blog instead of posting on mine, but I'd better get right on it. I don't want to annoy my reader.

    Jon Acuff stopping by your blog is like 20 or so regular people stopping by.

    Several of your topics hit home for me, especially that last one that's not on the list. I'm looking forward to spending more time here instead of posting myself.

  2. Well, I'm glad both you AND Jennifer will be blogging more lately. I can tell you that I've been annoyed with your silence in the blogosphere. Carol, this was a hilarious and honest post, the best kind. I like your list, and I look forward to reading on all of those topics in the (near) future.



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