Saturday, January 22, 2011

Silence Would Have Been A Better Option

Losing it.  I have lost perspective.  Materials for Bible Study just arrived (a bit beat up) an hour ago, after much, too much, fretting on my part.  I want to distribute these materials, I ordered them well in advance of class--and yet the ice storm and size of materials created a SLOW delivery.

I had to adjust and hand out copies of the first lesson.   Observing my reaction, one would have concluded  I had to sacrifice my freedoms, my family and my pet. 

I yielded hard to the temptation of over-reaction.  Armed with a few facts in my favor, I aimed some tense comments at the distribution customer service person who "only" apologized.  Not only am I embarrassed but my husband and daughter gently but directly told me I went from being rightly frustrated to righteously obsessed and angry. 

Over Bible study material--Experiencing the Heart of Jesus workbooks to be exact. 

I imagine I need to get into this study immediately, given the whole irony of it.   I wonder what the lady thought yesterday afternoon as she pulled up my order to see what I was so upset about?  25 copies of Experiencing the Heart of Jesus--I suspect she agreed, I needed that kind of teaching,  pronto.

What have I learned?  One, follow up with my own apology.  Two, confess, that is where you and prayer come into play.  Three, in the future plan and pray for how to handle this thing.  Example, focus on solving the problem not punishing or shaming the other person into solving the problem.  Focus on why it is important to me not how upset I am that it's not working out.   Live with some disappointment, life is not tidy and I hold up people too.  Ask for forgiveness when I forget these lessons.  Return to this entry when confronted again. 

There are lots of hurting people I am praying for and worried about who are facing real challenges, real brokenness.  Two of them have powerful and honest blogs that capture there "stuff".  It's a humble reminder to keep perspective on what is real and what is just really not that big a deal.
Joy In The Journey
The Simple Wife
Both are worthy of your consideration, and prayer.

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  1. I know I shouldn't, but I had to laugh when I read the title of the Bible study. But of course you were ticked off -- how can you experience the heart of Jesus if you don't have the BOOKS, I ask you?? But in a more serious vein, I know *exactly* what you're talking about here. Unfortunately.



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