Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Important Questions, Sound Answers

The Questions Christians Hope No One Will Ask (with Answers) by Mark Mittelberg is a strong, helpful work of modern apologetics. Apologetics is at its base, defense of faith. Mittelberg’s questions are relevant—frankly not just for those outside the faith, but many Christians ask these questions often, and the church, fellow Christians respond in an ineffective manner either in content or tone.

Both content and tone are sound in Mittelberg’s work, and it’s thrust is encouragement, confidence and a loving type of being on “offense” without being offensive. He introduces the book with idea that Christians should be immersed in prayer, preparation and proximity , then engage others out of love not a desire to win an argument.

The nature of the questions, are postmodern skepticism, include: Why are Chsitains so obsessed with abortion? How could a good God allow so much suffering? Why do you condemn homosexuals? Why are Christians so judgmental? They are relevant because they come from current research out of the Barna group identifying what are the top questions people have of the church.

Agnostics and Atheists are celebrated as of late and this recent ascendance of such vocal unbelief, combined with flat or diminishing church engagement should invite Christians everywhere to consider responding with truth and care. Mittelberg’s thorough, but very readable (including a section for small group discussion) equips as much as it informs.

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  1. Carol, I appreciate your perspective. I think the book is very encouraging and hits great topics too. You should check out this website for one of his webcast speaking events. http://www.caseforchristianitylive.com/



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