Monday, January 3, 2011

Excellent Study Bible for Personal Use

The Lucado Life Lessons Study Bible: Inspirational Applications for Living Your Faith (NKJV) exceeded my expectations, and my expectations were high. I have learned much over the years from Lucado’s relevant and gifted teaching, but this complete Bible, with lessons imbedded into each chapter, and additional devotional essays is the essence of convenient but substantive study.

The life lessons, pulled from his Bible studies series take the Biblical situation, Lucado’ss practical observation and then inspiration, application and exploration. It is truly a powerful tool for personal growth or group leadership and preparation.

The NKJV would have not been my first choice, I prefer the NIV, however I enjoy having these study components with a translation that is newer to me, it too, adds dimension.

If your goal is to read through the Bible this year, or to just more Biblical reading—this would be a wise investment. It would also add much as a follow up to a sermon or other teaching, offering inspired insight with Lucado’s deft pen and turn of phrase.

More depth than a traditional devotional, but it does present scripture reading in a way that works well in the scattered way we live—thus it is nothing but inviting and encouraging greater faith.

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