Thursday, May 19, 2011

Beyond Talent: Maxwell Draws Effective Roadmap

Beyond Talent by John Maxwell clearly spells out details that, if applied, will lead the reader to expanding productivity and effectiveness. It’s a quality roadmap for personal growth and team building.

Also, it’s depth (13 packed chapters) encourages the reader or leader to revisit concepts and suggestions for implementation over time. As a resource tool it has much value.

Some of the stories, quotes and highlighted motivational pieces I thought were weak. Using athletes as examples is tricky (Maxwell features Joe Namath) for two reasons: first an athlete’s skill and achievement are not naturally transferred to a workplace and second athletes often have much compromised integrity, to hold them up is to compartmentalize their character (rouge in personal life, but excellence in professional realm).

Also, some of the work rings of advice, not insight: “look for teachable moments, make them count (page 184).”

Overall, the work is solid and offers practical methods to add quality and opportunity to one’s life and skill set. Maxwell includes in Beyond Talent many warning and common traps that slow down progress.

Beyond Talent will serve a manager planning any kind of training meeting or an individual seeking a catalyst for greater development. Maxwell continues to encourage people to not settle, but pursue life with expectation that hard work, focus and discipline do pay off with satisfaction and success.

This review is part of the Thomas Nelson Booksneeze program.

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