Friday, June 10, 2011

A VBS blog series

I wonder if we will ever outgrow Vacation Bible School in my house.  My kiddos now help with VBS leadership, we are all on the giving end of VBS, and  yet we gain so much.  Count me as a fan. 

I am a huge fan, even easing into the annual chore, I mean opportunity, to decorate, I mean, transform my room to an Asian jungle.

I love VBS for many reasons:  it engages the whole church;  it balances serious ministry with serious silliness; most of all it has a lasting impression on the hearts of kids (all ages and stages) who share in this unique ministry.  There is a lot of staying power in the messages, music and mayhem of VBS.  Studies show that the repetition of themes and a variety of approaches (music, drama, rec, craft and Bible study) combine to leave a permanent mark on the children and adults who share in this week. 

I am going to blog throughout the week, my observations, my oh wow and oh no and oh my and okay moments. 

Right now I am prepping.  I need to run to one more store for some paper and plastic jungle supplies, but I wanted to start with what I have learned in getting ready for day one of Pandamania from Genesis 1. 

First I discovered that when God created man in "his image" the work tselem means a replica, a likeness and resemblance.    He then blessed them--barak it means both to bless them like giving the a salute or praise them but it also means he equipped them the the capacity to be fruitful--the ability to live out his plan and purpose for them.  He sat back and said it was "very good" (m 'od) exceeding good--to a very great degree, it like God with much excitement said to the angels, , "well my my, would you look at that?"

It was new, it was exciting, it not only had God's fingerprints but it had God's likeness all over it.

That is the beginning of the story for the kids next week.  What a cool way to start a week and to start a life:  --created, with purpose, looking a bit like God and blessed with a purpose and direction.

My partner Jenn and I have plans that involve dry ice and aluminum foil and several water spray bottles and,  of course, a flashlight. Tucked into the middle of that giggle inducing chaos will be a message that I hope will be planted in some fertile ground for growing in faith.

Time to go find a paper lantern and plastic bamboo.  It's time for a summer time blessing.

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