Thursday, June 16, 2011

VBS: A Sacrifice Reveals A Value

Day 2 of Pandamania, old school VBS:  take one baby pool, fill it with landscape pebbles and rocks and sticks and then have the kids build an altar just like Elijah.  One student was quick to point out this is a skit, it really did not happen that way.  So, with the altar building out of the way all we needed was a bull and for fire to rain down from heaven and lick up the stones (1 Kings 16--great moment in Scripture).  Well rather than use a baby stuffed animal or poster, the clever minds at VBS suggested an extra large Hershey candy bar.  Genius!  It's not an understatement to say the kids were really upset, it bothered them to put that giant candy bar on their altar, douse it with water and wait for the sacrifice (a firefighter interrupted our event to remind us of what happened the last time Elijah did this with all of the fire and to please cease the activity in the name of safety first). 

What amused us was the passionate response to the sacrifice.  My middle schooler would describe the class reaction as a "freak out" and she would be right.  The candy, and in such large and unique quantity was valuable to them and hard to give up.  They were really bothered by it.  It was a great lesson for me, as I thought:  what's my candy bar?   What do I have trouble giving up?  Do I only sacrifice what I calculate as not that costly?  Do I get upset at giving up things I really like but are not all that valuable? 

As I considered this I was asked to help with some youth events (that greatly minister to my daughters) and my first response was, uhhhh--errrr, well don't ya know I am doing VBS and really behind in some other ministry work as a result?   My second upon reflecting from the profound Hershey lesson:  yeah sure, I will give up some time and order in my schedule to help. 

What if I take that milk chocolate wisdom into every arena, avoiding "freak outs" and present the blasted treat with joy?

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