Tuesday, June 14, 2011

VBS: Big Story, Big Questions, Big Response

VBS launched in such a fun way.  The kids are great and the time too short.  We tried too many things and completely ran over schedule.

We read Genesis 1, the creation story and the emphasis was on how wonderfully complex God made us.  I added the idea of purpose and blessing--the reality of one's wonderfulness is leverage to motivate and encourage us to use that to honor God and serve others--in the context of being 8,9, 10.  I am also pushing the kids to think about how these truths can live on in their hearts after VBS.

My teaching partner Jen wondered if they would question the story of creation in Genesis.  I thought nah.  She was right, I was wrong (happens a lot). 

"God did not really create in a day because a day is like 1000 years to God right?"

"What about evolution"   "What about the dinosaurs?"  Then there was Jen's question:  "Why create plant life before the sun." (read the order of creation, think about it). 

So, VBS is not just for faithful cartoons, cool treats and spray bottles.  It digs up some real theological issues.  At what point do you move from just teaching kids through stories and into theology and acknowledging the questions Scripture does not answer (it's not a science or history book, it's God's word to us and there is a difference).

My answer to the kids yesterday was a quick change of direction...God is a spirit and not bound by time.  He created time and we can't imagine what that reality of being outside time is like, so we can't fully understand how this all looked.  Nice dodge, I know. 

My answer to Jenn, "I dunno."  (She is used to that).

However, creation still points to God's power and purpose and it still begs the question:  how to respond in faith, and of course fun.

Today:  Elijah and the prophets of Baal.  Baby pools, stone altars and Jenn as a firefighter.  Gonna be good.

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