Friday, June 17, 2011

VBS: A Whale of a Week

VBS wrapped up yesterday with much celebration.  Day 3 had been a huge hit with a giant whale that held the whole group for discussion.  We had talked much about Jonah, but focused on chapter 1-3.  I encouraged the kids to go home and read chapter 4, letting me know what they learn.  I was thrilled at the response--why was Jonah still so angry at God's mercy to the people of Nineveh?  Answer from Rachel, age 9:  He still did not think they deserved it, and that's not loving other people.  Home run Rachel.  I have decided the only real way to study the book of Jonah is within the belly of the giant fish.

Next challenge, we as a group had to convince Peter, who looked so much like my teaching partner Jenn but with tremendous fuzzy beard, to go to Jesus and ask for forgiveness for denying him--even though that is hard,  The group's compassion and passion for all three classes just touched me. 

Typical experience, I learned much, I came away with more than I walked in with.  I blessed by 60 medium sized people who love to question and challenge but without any cynicism or sarcasm.  I was blessed by a teaching partner who brought wisdom, humor and insight into presenting each lesson.  I was blessed by "walkers" who "travel" with each group--they were helpful in practical ways but also participated with joy. 

We talked a lot about the 2 jobs we all have (purpose) to love/worship God and Jesus and to love others.  We asked ourselves what do we learn about God, about people and what are we supposed to do this this lesson after VBS?  We laughed ourselves silly over skits, costumes and props and celebrated with chocolate. 

Faith & Fun--it works well together.

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