Saturday, June 11, 2011

VBS: it's starting to look a lot like a Birthday Party

Jenn's authentic additions

Blessings from clearance rack at big box store!

The church campus looks transformed to an Asian Jungle.

My VBS classroom looks like its ready for a birthday party. 

A fun party--with subtle hints of Tiki Huts and Luau (big box store again), but not exactly the Panda/Bamboo Jungle captured in the curriculum.  It sports loads of lanterns.  Happy, clearance rack ones that I brought, like these hanging from the ceiling.  Teaching partner Jenn knew how to make ones (she home schools, so she has cooler hands on solutions to dilemmas like VBS decor). 

The whole thing makes me laugh.  It's the only week where a friend of mine asks, "Hey do you want a campfire for this week, because I know I stored one in the attic and you can have it?" 

My oldest who helped decorate pointed out that the theme was Pandamania and we don't have a single panda in the room.  She suggested I draw one but I think it would look like a glob of b/w circles.  She agreed my gifts are elsewhere.

It's a good thing the point of next week has nothing to do with the the room decor, but has every thing to do with a marriage of fun, some folly and a heaping pile of faith.  From the beginning of creation to the resurrection, we will get to laugh, sing and our way through God's grace and truth.  What a privilege.

I need to write that now, because if memory serves, by Thursday morning the kids will be fearless, realize they are at church not school and containment will come only from divine intervention.  The theme will shift from "God is Wild About You" to "You are Wild, Time to Scoot Home." 

I consider it already a great time. 

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