Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Better At Bats

Last night I sat in a barn while one of my chickadees took a batting lesson.  I worked through a Bible study assignment while she worked through the effectiveness of her swing. 

I was struck by questions her coach asked, and thought as I muddled through this assignment on self control--hmmm, that's relevant.

Coach:  Why do you not think about your grip?
Chickadee:  I don't know, I just swing.
Coach:  Why do you think you do it this way?
Chickadee:  Because it's comfortable.
Coach:  Do you recognize that you have other options, and while it may feel funny it will produce what you want?
Chickadee:  I guess.
Coach:  Which way just got you though with a rocket.
Chickadee:  The new way of gripping.
Coach:  So when you grip it different something different and good happens.
Chickadee:  Yeah
Coach:  So, make the decision yourself.  Do it.

I thought about areas inconsistency and repeated traps of undiscipline.  It occurred to me that I don't even think about it as a approach it.  In the abstract, concepts of life I want to "do better" but too often I go through the motions in the most familiar, comfortable way.  

What if I start with a decision about my grip, recognizing I have options and what are those options.  What if I practiced with various options until I discovered the most effective?  What if I do the thing that works best even if it feels weird. 

Mom and Dot may start hitting rockets. 

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  1. This really fits in with this week's lesson, doesn't it? So why do we go for the comfortable? Because it IS comfortable, I suppose? I wonder if we sometimes let the process eclipse the goal (or our attaining said goal)...



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