Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Does It Translate?

John Maxwell, noted author and sage just published a book on the Five Levels of Leadership.  I have not read the book, but I did glance at the graphic (perfect shortcut when I am already behind schedule and it's only 9:23 am). 

It's vintage Maxwell, but what occurred to me this morning is does it translate to other relationships outside of the work world?

Does it, for example, translate to parenting?  Why do my kids follow me?   What about my roles at church or in volunteer realms...why do people follow me? 

Why is that question even important?  I think it's important, even if I can't truly know why others might join in working with me or what motivates my kid's trust...but it's an important consideration because a faithful life is a combination of constant humility and exaltation.

People of faith should have followers, or a following.  Others should trust them for the reasons at the top of the pyramid.  Yet, their work should be marked with humility, with an others-first perspective. 

I look at the bottom of the pyramid and I cringe and think, how many people engage with me because, "they have to."  How often would my children think that? 

Maxwell says this is a process not a position, which I think is true (he will be so affirmed by my validation).  It's an interesting way to look at how others might see us, how they look at the opportunity to work with us. 

To engage at the top of this descriptive would be a positive thing, to look at working partnerships or family relationships as a blessing not an assignment--what a more powerful purpose.

As I work through tasks both inside and outside the home, I intend to remind myself, why would someone want to work with me?  What am I doing to move the relationship beyond an assignment and more to an opportunity?


  1. Why would someone want to work with you?? Because you're fabulous, of course! Sheesh!

    Levity aside, these are good questions. At the moment, I think my kids follow me because they kinda like me; but I know change in that arena is just around the corner...

  2. Ellen,
    Your kids adore you! Hope Adele is on the mend. Your girls a welcome anytime, but esp. to hang out when coming/going from piano.



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