Monday, October 18, 2010

How to Look at People: The Good, Bad and Ugly

Most people you dislike aren't as bad as you think. Most people you admire aren't as good as you think. Look to Jesus. (something I saw on Twitter)

This piece of pithy wisdom is true, but what does this really look like on a Monday morning? What does it mean to, look to Jesus?

I think to look to Jesus is to first consider who I really am, the real consequence of being saved—as one who needs saving. That’s always humbling and eases my dislike of others, as I am no picnic myself.

It reminds me Christ saved me and not look to others for that role or response. Those I admire, I admire for good reason—they are easy to love or respect or both. However, they are neither the creator nor sustainer of my soul—and they, like me need the ongoing work of a savior.

To look to Jesus is to bring him into every relationship, even the ones that have much joy or much irritation. It’s a perspective that adds His attitude and personality (grace) so that two become three, and that math make the equation much more sensible and not so defined by just positive or negative emotions.

The presence of grace really can make the ugly, beautiful and allows for unhealthy admiration to be replaced by healthy appreciation and affection.

It is a secure launching pad for a Monday morning. Fresh French Roast is a nice add too.

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