Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Highlighting both Grace and Truth

The Grace of God, written by Andy Stanley (senior pastor of Northpoint Church) is an excellent book which goes far to grasp the depth and consequence of grace in the relationship between God and believer. It would be an effective tool for a small group or class as a study guide, or for personal growth.

The practical application of Biblical lives and circumstances-- to understanding the principles which come out of that truth, and then working all of that into a personal faithful response is the great takeaway of Stanley’s work.

It is packed with story after story from the scriptures and carefully reasoned so that it makes not just an impression but a difference in the life of a believer. It’s simply really effective teaching, not burdened with clich├ęs or legalism.

Stanley has a great sense of humor, and strong sense of why people struggle in accepting grace and really struggle with giving grace, which makes The Grace of God an enjoyable as well as edifying read.

Grace, when believed and lived out is powerful and Stanley’s work captures that reality. If the reader is familiar Stanley’s sermons from Northpoint Church, a lot of the writing will be recognizable. However, the compilation of so much work into one piece, more than accounts for this duplication.

The Grace of God will be time well invested, and would also be a great gift for another.

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