Monday, November 8, 2010

Reflecting on What God Actually Says

R. P. Nettelhorst compiled substantive passages of scripture arranged daily for A Year With God: Make His Thoughts Your Thoughts. In addition to the verses, the entire devotional study is arranged by theme, for example: Love and Hate; Perseverance and Quitting; Hope and Fear for personal application or prayer intercession.

In addition to those disciple friendly qualities, Nettelhorst also includes a relevant, well written commentary that could easily lead to effective journaling or other avenues for personal study.

It would make a much appreciated Christmas gift to a member of one’s small group or ministry leader—it is gender neutral in application and challenging enough for a mature believer, but also straightforward for someone newer to study to easily grasp.

The premise is that through considering what God said, exactly as He said it, the reader will be able to adjust thoughts to reflect the truth of God more and more.

All of the scripture is pulled from the Old Testament, so those unfamiliar with those texts will have a great opportunity to learn though a practical and encouraging approach.

Scripture passages are featured using multiple translations, which is effective in application but such significant variety can frustrate some study methods.

Overall, A Year With God is a quality collection of daily reading, published in a fresh and relevant way that should encourage growth in any who embrace it.

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  1. I like the multiple translations aspect, but only the OT? Hmm. I wonder why?



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