Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas Bins and Christmas Prayers

It’s bin-ginning to look a lot like Christmas. The Rubbermaid bins full of jolly holly are in the hall. The faux fabulous tree (we have a one person and one vacuum cleaner both allergic to pine needs) stands proudly naked in the living room. It’s beginning. I love the Christmas tension of trying to remember what is really important while having fun with the festivities.

Right now I am reminded looking over a two lists of prayers—that these are not prayers, they are people and in the middle of cooking shopping, decorating and celebrating are people surrounded by hurt and heaviness.

I think the world is a better place for a frosted cookie and a touch of curling ribbon, but the faithful perspective on it all colors my prayers, my study, my thoughts. I thought this morning, these lists are too long, too painful…what can I do?

Pray for healing, pray for hope—God works in mighty ways and has offered assurance that where we are today is not the end of the story. Yet, I want my friends and family better, well and I will ask God for that mercy.

Pray to remember and offer practical help…meals, car rides, notes, phone calls, meeting needs for attention, affection and real assistance do matter. So do kind words and patient expressions. I need to write that down on my palm print, like cheating on a test.

Pray for grace—that what I give this season is better than what others deserve or expect…I have been given daily grace, abundant blessings and salvation from the burden of my sin.

Pray to see what’s needed, looking past the garland and to-do list—see the people and respond to what I see.

Pray for joy—an ability to delight in the goodness of God regarding of circumstances. Happy Holidays are great fun, but joy is promised and always available.

Pray for wisdom, in spending money and time. Pray for wisdom in words and thoughts. Does my behavior match what I believe?

Pray to love, as I have been loved.

Christmas is a great time to laugh at the folly of our jolly, but it is also a perfect time to reflect the gifts of grace freely and lavishly.

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