Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's Exam Week

It is exam week at our home.  If you are curious as to why we appear to be sucking on a lemon, please know it is the combination of pre-Christmas frenzy with multiple comprehensive finals.  Such academic festivity led me to ask as I wrap up (pardon pun) my latest study, what did I learn.  Then I ran across this quote:  "don't let your learning lead to knowledge but to action," from Paul Rahn--who may be a certifiable nut, but I like the idea.

My version is what did I learn and what difference does it make?

The primary focus of this study (Experiencing God by Henry Blackerby) is living every day asking, "what is God up to?" and "how can I adjust to join Him?".   God is at work all around, and am I will to jump in and cooperate with the invitation.

That is what I learned.  Now for the final exam--what difference does it make?  What action will it inspire?

  • Will I move from the Happy Land of Good Intentions to a land of intentional faithful living?
  • Will be a yes person instead of a no, or well...person?
  • Will I hold on to my stuff, my time, my money very loosely--willingly letting God to have easy access to what He gave me in the first place?
  • Will I do the hard thing, recognizing that God's great work was always, always, always more than the person initially imagined?
  • Will I stop criticizing and start just making things better, asking--what I can do, where can I contribute?
  • I will pray for people I don't much like and ask for forgiveness instead of focusing so much on who and how to forgive?
  • Will I trust God as a person and not try and trust "my faith".

The end of the study is the beginning of new lessons.  I look forward to a discussion Friday on Daily Life to hear how others plan to walk on a path that has been cleared just a bit.

I pray  that I walk that path minus the pucker that comes from a sour taste.

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  1. Good stuff! I like your list of personal questions. They look like my list. And, no, I haven't answered them yet, at least practically.



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