Monday, September 13, 2010

Hunting for a God Will

What is God's will for my life--is NOT the right question.  The proper question is What is God's will, once I know that, I can adjust my life to Him.  In other words, what is it God is purposing to accomplish where I am?  Once I know what God is doing, then I know what I need to do.  The focus needs to be on God not on my life.

The foundation of a large portion of my fall study time.  I know it will be a worthy adventure because I know myself and adjust is not the first word that pops into a description of my natural desires. 

This study confronts a common misconception about faithful living--rather than ask God to approve or reject my choices, the study moves to see God as the choice. 

It's week one, so the how to and when and where and what it looks like questions have not been answered.  This I know my will and God's will are too often at odds, and I am excited to think that through this study my will may actually reflects his will in a clear, bold, effective way.

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