Friday, September 24, 2010

Worthy Words from "A Leader's Heart"

A Leader’s Heart devotional book by John Maxwell is functional and inspiring for those times where quick and relevant reflection is ideal. The 365 pages of scripture and Maxwell leadership application followed by short journaling space is the perfect way to approach a meeting, a study session, a class or an assignment. It’s a positive catalyst to remind one what is really important before launching feet or head first into a task.

It is also beautifully bound and would a make a wonderful gift for someone taking on a new job or leadership role in the church or workplace. A Leader’s Heart focuses on truths of faith in the context of work and leadership without a hint of sentimentality. It has Maxwell’s typical gift for practical wisdom with an inspired approach and expectation of excellence.

I also appreciated how the scripture references come from every part of the Bible, prompting a more interesting and varied approach to the overall call of leadership. Goal setting, generosity, hope, influence, servant’s heart, purposes are just a sample of the topics, really the character qualities of a leader who acts with Christ like integrity.

I recommend for anyone who is currently serving as a leader or embarking on a new call to cull from Maxwell’s wisdom and challenges as a way to focus daily on effective service.

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