Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Permission to Speak Freely Speaks to the Heart

Permission to Speak Freely

Essays and Art on Fear, Confession and Grace by Anne Jackson:

Jackson tells her story beautifully, but also weaves so many other stories into this beautiful collection, this offering of honesty and hope. The honesty of the book comes from no pity, but plenty of compassion. Victims are not presented as helpless, but their path to hope is clearly presented.

To capture elegance and bluntness within each essay and piece of art is unique and powerful. Jackson also successfully trims all unnecessary detail, but paints the picture, the tapestry with thoroughness.

I thought about, prayed for and was moved through each journey and was captivated and inspired.

I am leading a women’s retreat this fall and teaching several studies. I am already planning on how I can share Jackson’s work with these groups, it is that versatile in its reach.

It is a series of short stories, the book while substantive does leave the reader wanting more. It has that very common feel of a collection from a blog and other scattered experiences and observation. Jackson owns that from the start, so the reader does not miss a traditional narrative structure (much).

I follow Jackson’s blog now and continue to find her perspective highly engaging and relevant.

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