Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Alone Together

I really like my Blackberry, to love an object seems the stuff of hyperbole, even for me.  I really like it, but when that cling/ding announces a new text or e-mail--I act like Pavlov's dog in responding to check it.  That little sound has a way of cutting through all other noise around me.  I don't think my acute always up radar of semi-awareness of that cling/ding is a good thing. 

I also think it's funny how slightly dismissive it feels to me when the person I am engaging is really engaging the screen giving me the occasional eye contact/nod, but when it's my time to screen check, I am just taking a peek--quick little check in glance and of course right back to the more important human in front of me.  Kettle, pot,  black, I think Yoda say.

Psalm 46:10 says, "Be still and know that I am God."  The Hebrew for "still" is also translated enough, or stop.  God is speaking to the nations, making it clear he will be exalted, yet the instruction, correction, direction works down to the individual as well.  Be still, settle down, stop it and know that I am God.

Connection from verse to Blackberry still unclear? 
  • In a culture that dings and beeps and interrupts and multi tasks. 
  • In a culture where as my daughter's coach says, "on time is late."  
  • In an environment where more is not ever enough and there is a constant stream of messages (not really communication)
In the midst of those realities:  who really is still enough to know that God is God, when we can't pull ourselves from a 3x5 screen to talk to a person in front of us?

I heard a story recently of someone dining alone and just tuning into the the vibe around her.  At the next table, four women sat--three of them engaging a screen.  The storyteller commented, the women at the next table were alone together--the most alone the woman eating all by herself  at the table with three other women but no screen partner with which to dance.

Alone together, the new normal.  I wondered as I listened to the story, how often I am one of those at the table.  I wondered if I can pay attention to the people right in front of me and tune out the screen.  I wonder,  how well do I pay attention to God, to a still soft voice, to a whisper, nudge or invitation from the Holy Spirit. 

How might I be more faithful in who and what I tune in?  It seems I need to pay attention to how well I pay attention.

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