Thursday, September 29, 2011

Stained Glass Hearts: Faithful Hope and Humor

Stained Glass Hearts, by Patsy Clairmont is a treasured collection of faith stories partnered with an "Art Gallery" devotional section including suggested paintings, music and Scriptures to add to the experience and perspective of brokenness and healing.  Clairmont uses stained glass as a metaphor for Christian living--Christ's light shining through cracked glass creates a beautiful image.

In classic Women of Faith honesty and grand humor she reveals her stories with winsome wisdom.  She and her writing are a delight.  Clairmont begins the book sharing her troubles growing up and the pain of enduring through her son's life threatening illness.  These are powerful testimonies and her honesty evokes a strong response. 

Stained Glass Hearts captures what it means to faithfully live with hope --and humor.

I also loved her chapter on reading--it's so practical and encouraging.  She shares not the who and what she reads but also the why and how she reads, concluding with C.S. Lewis' comment, "we read to know we are not alone."  It's a lovely surprise topic for a devotional book.

Overall, its a pleasant read.  It's perfect to carry around and drop into when you have a few minutes to sit and take in a quick story.  The addition of suggested art is also nice, the book would be far more substantial if the images she refers to were included in the actual book. 

If you are a Woman of Faith fan, or a lover of storytelling this would be a great addition to your library.  Patsy Clairmont leaves her listeners better than she first found them--adding to their heart and soul with love and laughter.

I reviewed this book as part of Thomas Nelson Publishing Booksneeze Program.

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  1. Sounds wonderful! I, too, wish they'd included some of the art.



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